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Welcome to the Money and Investing Show. A show all about managing money and kickstarting you into the world of investing and finance.
A series of bite sized episodes designed to simplify and equip you with the tools on how to get started along with some tips and tricks for those already investing
The goal of this show is to make investing more accessible to everyone, Introducing investing concepts and breaking down some of the terminologies, common misconceptions and myths involved with stopping people from starting on their own journey

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About the Host

Dale has been investing for over 12 years and holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA). With holdings in equities, property and crypto currencies, he is an avid believer in empowering everyone to have the knowledge they need to be able to improve their wealth and increase their long term financial position.
The Money and Investing show was designed to help educate and inspire people on their investing journey, equipping them with the tools they need.

Whether you’re just starting out on your investment journey, building on your growing portfolio or a well established investor, this Podcast has all the latest tips and advice you need to level-up and create real wealth for your future.

Recent Guests

Business CEO’s and Founders

Doug Morris: CEO – Sharesight

Brendan Malone: CEO – Raiz Invest

John Winters: CEO – Superhero

Authors, Writers and Professional Investors

Danielle Ecuyer: Author – Shareplicity

Anirban Mahanti: Lead Advisor – 7Investing

Kylie Purcell: Senior Investments Editor – Finder

New to Investing???

Not sure where to begin? This e-book is the perfect companion for anyone looking to get into investing but isn’t sure where to start.

Broken down into 3 easy to follow steps, this book will take you through the journey of making your first trade

Money Minute

A new segment of the show focused on personal finance. A quick money hack delivered to your phone once a week to help you think about better ways to manage your finances

New episodes released weekly


Financial Dictionary

Stuck trying to figure out some of the terminology that is used in finance read here for our guide on how to separating your alphas from your betas, your longs from your shorts and the bulls from the bears.

Finding a Broker

When trying to find a broker things can get a little confusing at first. Do you want CHESS sponsored or custodian, how much will each trade cost you and what sort of research tools are provided.

Here we try to break these choices down for you to make the choice a little easier

All about ETF’s

You will often hear a lot of advice given around just buy and index fund but what exactly are they and how can this passive investment tool help grow our wealth

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